RenewData Appoints eDiscovery Industry Professional to Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing

AUSTIN, TX - December 1, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it has appointed Joe Garber to the position of Assistant Vice President of Product Marketing. In this role, Garber will lead the company's development and execution of strategic initiatives that help drive adoption and sales of RenewData's information governance solutions to corporations, law firms, and government agencies.

Garber joined RenewData in 2008 as the director of product marketing. During his tenure at RenewData, Garber has focused his efforts on product strategy initiatives that directly meet client requirements and demands. He is currently part of RenewData's strategic team that is driving the initiative of developing an integrated information governance system with an overarching structure that will enable organizations to more effectively manage, integrate, and process all information throughout their organization.

"Joe is a clear asset to RenewData and his industry experience has proven to be very valuable to the organization," said Rich Cohen, president of RenewData. "He possesses a solid knowledge of the market and I am proud that he is part of our team."

Before joining RenewData, Garber was Director of Market Strategy for Autonomy ZANTAZ, where he led field marketing, market analysis, and thought leadership programs for this archiving, information governance, and eDiscovery vendor. During his career of more than 16 years, he has also served as a management consultant for IBM, led product management for technology startups, and managed public relations activities for clients of the world's largest PR firm as well as a United States Senator.

Joe has published many articles in various technology publications and has appeared in nationally broadcast interviews during his career. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine University and a Master's of Business Administration from Cornell University, where he received the prestigious Park Leadership Fellow award for "demonstrated leadership and academic excellence."

RenewData Webinar to Predict Top eDiscovery Trends for 2010 and Feature Independent Research Firm Analyst

Discussion Will Highlight the Affects on Law Firms, Corporations, and Government Agencies and Best Practices for Preparation

AUSTIN, TX - November 23, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it will be conducting a free webinar titled “2010 as a Watershed Year for eDiscovery - The Top Trends Entering the New Year” which will feature prominent eDiscovery industry analyst Brian Hill of Forrester Research, as well RenewData eDiscovery and legal services experts Rich Cohen, president and Joe Garber, senior director of product marketing.

This webinar will identify top trends that will affect corporations, legal, IT, and risk management personnel from corporations, government agencies, and their outside counsel firms, and will provide solutions for being better prepared for the upcoming year. Mr. Hill will share what he is hearing from his clients and along with Mr. Cohen and Mr. Garber will be discussing how one can prepare for key eDiscovery changes well in advance. This webinar will provide answers to:

  • What internal and external factors are driving change in eDiscovery
  • What are the big changes to expect in eDiscovery as we enter a new year
  • How others are approaching eDiscovery and what to prioritize as a result of coming changes
  • Where to invest budget to maximize information risk management
  • What organizations should be doing right now to prepare for eDiscovery in 2010

The webinar will take place December 1, 2009, at 1:00 PM Central Time. Click here for more information or to register for the webinar.

RenewData Names Legal Services Veteran to Post of President

Fostering Client Relationships and Driving Growth Strategy Continue to be Key Initiatives for Information Governance Service Provider

AUSTIN, TX - November 17, 2009 - a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it has named Richard Cohen to president. In this role, Cohen will lead the company’s client facing functions to continue RenewData’s position as a top-tier service provider offering the best eDiscovery, archiving and information governance services possible to clients.

Since joining RenewData in early 2008 as the executive vice president of legal services, Cohen has utilized his strong legal expertise to foster RenewData’s client relationships and ensure the proper approach to every client’s eDiscovery need and strategy. In fact, RenewData recently announced that their client satisfaction survey results from the second quarter of this year showed that its clients are extremely satisfied with the level of service received, with 100 percent of survey respondents indicating they would likely refer RenewData to their colleagues.

“Rich has been a strong addition to the team and he has made significant contribution to the company’s growth,” said Steven Horan, CEO of RenewData. “His team has consistently met or exceeded 2009 goals and we are confident these results will continue into 2010.”

Before joining RenewData, Cohen was with a large legal services organization where he served as senior vice president and managing director of legal services focusing on complex litigation matters and bankruptcies. Additionally, Cohen was COO of Integrex Professional Claims Services where he was responsible for operations, IT, sales, and marketing. His extensive experience also includes general counsel at Ohio Power and Columbus Southern Power Companies, as well as executive positions at Lexis-Nexis, Lexford Residential Trust, City of Cuyahoga Falls, and City of Akron.

Beyond his work in legal services, Cohen has been actively involved with industry organizations including the American Corporate Counsel Association where he served as president of the Central Ohio Chapter and has chaired the American Bar Association’s Coordinating Group on Energy Law and Ohio Electric Utility Legal Committee, co-chaired the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Mass Torts Subcommittee, and has been a member of the ABA Class Actions/Derivative Suits Subcommittee. Additionally, Cohen is a member of the Corporate Counsel Advisory Board for The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and a recipient of the Distinguished Legal Service Award conferred by Corporate Legal Times. Cohen is also a member of the American and Ohio State Bar Association.

RenewData to Present at Legal IT Asia Conference 2009

Vice President of Professional Services to discuss US Litigation Tactics and eDiscovery Trends to International Audience of Legal and IT Professionals

AUSTIN, TX - November 16, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced its Vice President of Professional Services, Vance McMurry, will speak at Legal IT Asia taking place on November 18 – 19, 2009 at the Yuyang Hotel in Beijing, China. Speaking to an audience of international law firms, in-house legal departments and legal IT solutions providers, McMurry will lead an in-depth discussion around how law firms and corporations in Asia need to be aware of US litigation tactics.

McMurry's session entitled "Data Knows No Boundaries" will cover the importance of properly understanding and proactively implementing eDiscovery preparedness due to the far reaching nature of US litigation procedural and evidentiary rules and their implications for multi-national corporations. McMurry will discuss examples of US based litigation which has driven eDiscovery in Asia and other parts of the world. He will also discuss the roadmap which governs eDiscovery in the United States and the trends in 2010 in eDiscovery.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for RenewData to confer with our international counterparts, and discuss the importance of eDiscovery in any language," said Vance McMurry, vice president of professional services for RenewData. "Although the discovery process is often the same, different countries have diverse standards for data handling, privacy and export, and it is important to understand the differences in order to properly comply."

RenewData has been involved in multiple eDiscovery projects with an international scope. In fact, of the thousands of collections RenewData forensic experts have completed for corporations, law firms, and government agencies, many entailed multi-national organizations which required collections to be made in such locations as Spain, Malaysia, and Thailand. Many of these forensic data collections involved copying hundreds of forensic images and active data at multiple locations, many of which involved data in excess of 10 terabytes.

About Legal IT Asia Legal IT Asia Conference 2009 is this year's most important legal tech event in China that will provide local and global perspectives on how firms can leverage and utilize current legal technology.

RenewData Clients Exceptionally Satisfied with eDiscovery and Archiving Services

Highest Possible Referral Rate Received in Recent Client Satisfaction Survey

AUSTIN, TX - September 22, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced recent results of its client satisfaction survey, as well as its growing client base and revenue. The survey results from the second quarter of this year showed that RenewData clients are extremely satisfied with the level of service received and in fact showed that 100% of survey respondents would likely refer RenewData to their colleagues.

The satisfaction survey is sent to every RenewData client at the completion of each project. Additional survey results showed that clients' overall experience with their RenewData Project Manager was outstanding; in fact, they received a 98% satisfaction rating. In addition, the survey asks clients to rate the timeliness, quality and accuracy of their project deliverables. Survey results were extremely positive in this area with 99.9% of client projects being delivered accurately and 99% being delivered on schedule.

The client satisfaction survey responses also include praise about RenewData in the form of client comments, such as:

  •  "The entire RenewData team assigned to our project worked long hours to meet all of our tight deadlines for a large project."
  • "Every person we worked with at RenewData was outstanding."
  • "It's very refreshing to work with such a knowledgeable and professional group."
  • "Our firm will certainly utilize RenewData's services again and I will confidently refer them to my colleagues."

"The outstanding client satisfaction rates are the source of RenewData's growth," said Steven Horan, CEO of RenewData. "RenewData continues to show healthy revenue growth in 2009 with Q2 revenue increasing 18% and Q3 increasing more than 25%. But that is only the beginning. We are transforming RenewData into a sustainable market leader. Along with a solid foundation of a committed team and tested processes, we are currently building what we believe to be the most scalable and practical information governance technology platform in the industry that will deliver more flexibility, savings, and relevance to our clients and partners."

"RenewData's number one priority is client satisfaction and it is clear from our survey results that we are succeeding," said Rich Cohen, executive vice president of legal services at RenewData. "We take great pride in the fact that we are a top-tier service provider offering the best eDiscovery and archiving services possible to our clients. We continue to aggressively add many law firms, corporations and government entities to our growing list of satisfied clients, due in great part to our high client referral rate. Our goal is to turn every client into one that will proudly refer us to others." 

RenewData Acquires Digital Mandate, Adds Innovative Vestigate Document Review Software to eDiscovery Technology Portfolio

 Click here for more about Vestigate

Unique Vestigate Technology Lowers eDiscovery Costs for Organizations and Solves Industry Concerns for Legal and IT Professionals; Winning Combination Backed by Existing Investors

AUSTIN, TX - August 12, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it has successfully completed an acquisition of Digital Mandate, provider of discovery lifecycle management solutions including Vestigate document review software. This acquisition further strengthens RenewData's commitment to investing in technology that delivers market leading information governance solutions, significantly lowers costs to clients, and meets requirements for both legal and IT professionals. To support the acquisition and other growth initiatives, existing investors ABS Capital Partners and CIBC Capital Partners provided the equity financing.

"RenewData is committed to delivering transparency and cost savings to clients, as well as investing in information governance technology at a time when capital investment is a challenge," remarked Steven Horan, CEO of RenewData. "Superior eDiscovery solutions are rooted in both technology and legal insight and this acquisition enables both through a robust technology that utilizes legal judgment. We believe there is no other product in the market that delivers the same level of realized time and cost savings, while also delivering a measurable certainty that all relevant information has been identified. We're excited to be bringing on the exceptional Digital Mandate team and Vestigate technology platform, both of which give RenewData tremendous opportunity for growth in the market."

"With review being the most significant portion of the growing costs of eDiscovery, law firms, corporations, and government agencies are continually searching for more efficient and accurate methods for review," said George Socha of Socha Consulting. "Leveraging advanced analytics to more quickly identify relevant data, as well as utilizing sampling to measure the accuracy of results are logical next steps to helping organizations achieve these lofty objectives."

"We're excited about being a part of the RenewData team and the opportunity to integrate two great organizations," said Greg Osinoff, CEO and Founder of Digital Mandate. "I am extremely impressed with RenewData's understanding of the market and technology vision. This acquisition greatly benefits both RenewData and previous Digital Mandate clients, as it enables us to offer comprehensive solutions. Vestigate has already enabled numerous clients to greatly reduce their review time and costs, and being part of RenewData will enable us to really drive this value proposition further into the market through a larger, scalable, and more integrated platform."

The Vestigate solution is particularly beneficial for early case assessment (ECA) and first-pass review, which is often the best opportunity for lowering eDiscovery costs. "Consider early case assessment tools to investigate and test potential litigation strategies, and reduce cost by focusing on the ESI most relevant for collection," suggests Gartner analyst John Bace in a March 2009 Gartner research report titled, "Cost-Cutting Approaches to E-Discovery Featured at LegalTech". Since data is read in context, clearly irrelevant data can be quickly set aside, cutting down on the total amount of data and making strategic decisions possible before costly attorney review. For more information about RenewData and Vestigate or to view a Vestigate demo video and register for a free webinar, visit

RenewData Provides eDiscovery Services for Over 900 Regulatory Investigations and Audits in Past Year

Increase in Government Agency Regulatory Investigations and Audits has Fueled Increase in eDiscovery, Archiving and Data Governance Projects

AUSTIN, TX - July 23, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced they are continuing to assist numerous worldwide enterprises with eDiscovery services in response to over 900 different regulatory and audit matters over the past year. There has been a recent increase in regulatory activity particularly in highly regulated markets such as in the financial, insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical services sectors.

The services RenewData provided to many of the world's largest organizations include matters related to SEC investigations, DOJ requests, and a multitude of other regulatory audits. These services incorporate data processing, targeting, searching, filtering, review, and production services involving more than 70 terabytes of data over the last year for these organizations. "Today's financial market situation is necessitating an increase in the number of regulatory investigations and audits by government entities," remarked Rich Cohen, Executive VP of Legal Services at RenewData. "The good news is that there are companies like RenewData that can help organizations prepare for this inevitability. Tight deadlines are common when responding to regulatory agencies, and our experience and technology enable a high level of efficiency and accuracy in producing relevant and accurate data that is defensible in court."

When faced with a regulatory audit or investigation, these organizations seek out solutions that can quickly and accurately provide planning, collection, processing, review, and production of their electronically stored data. RenewData's robust suite of services, solid legal expertise, and leading-edge technology enable fast, cost-effective, and scalable processing of data. RenewData employs a scalable set of processes to meet requirements quickly and efficiently and does so in a highly-secure facility that ensures the confidentiality and security of electronic data at all times, as well as employs a repeatable and defensible chain-of-custody process to accurately track all data. In addition, RenewData's experienced and knowledgeable project managers have expertise in legal, discovery, and IT services and are available through every step of the project.

While much of the work RenewData has assisted these organizations with has been reactive eDiscovery services, RenewData has also utilized its ActiveVault archiving and ESI risk management services to proactively assist many of these clients in preparation for investigations and audits they knew would inevitably occur. These services enable the processing and archiving of organizations' historical data before the investigations and audits occur, thereby allowing them to more quickly and cost effectively respond to strict deadlines imposed by regulatory agencies.

RenewData will be conducting a free webinar, "Preparing for Regulatory or Internal Investigations," which will provide insight, best practices, and recommendations on how to best approach such investigations. RenewData's experts, who have performed a significant amount of work for organizations facing regulatory investigations and audits, will be presenting the webinar. Legal, IT, and risk management personnel from corporations and their outside counsel firms would greatly benefit from attending this webinar, which takes place August 5, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. CT. You may register for the event by going to RenewData's website at

RenewData Introduces New Corporate Website Identity

Site Provides Helpful Resources and Enhanced User-Experience for Legal, IT, and Compliance Professionals

Austin, Texas, June 2, 2009 — RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced the launch of their new corporate website at The new website was developed with the goal of enhancing the user-experience and providing easy access to helpful information and resources for RenewData clients and prospects.

The website provides a wealth of information aimed to educate and assist legal, IT, and compliance professionals at law firms, corporations and government agencies, as well as in-depth information about RenewData’s breadth of services including electronic discovery, ESI risk management, archiving, and information governance. The website is popular for its offering of helpful resources and reference information including webinars and whitepapers on current and relevant topics, research reports from industry-leading analysts, risk calculators and assessment worksheets, and the RenewData sponsored “E-Discovery for Dummies” and “ESI Risk Management for Dummies” books.

"Our corporate website is critical to our organization, not only to provide clients and prospects with information about RenewData, but also to educate them and to provide the resources necessary to help them better perform their job,” said Steven Horan, CEO of RenewData. “This new site is an effort to enhance the user-experience of visitors to our site and will be a great source of information. We are very proud of the new site, and most excited about the level of information we provide to anyone wanting to learn more about electronic discovery, ESI risk management, and information governance.”

The site was designed and developed in-house and was a collaborative effort by RenewData’s marketing and sales personnel, focusing on the needs of clients and prospects in the industry. Visitors to the site may register for RenewData webinars, whitepapers, industry analyst reports, the “E-Discovery for Dummies” book, and the “ESI Risk Management for Dummies” book by going to

RenewData - Diane Block, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing


RenewData Adds Relativity Document Review and Management Solution to Suite of Industry Leading E-Discovery Solutions

Relativity's Analytics and Search Platform Offers Scalability, Flexibility, and Ease-of-Use for RenewData's Corporate, Law Firm, and Government Clients

AUSTIN, TX -April 30, 2009 - RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it has partnered with kCura Corporation to host Relativity, the powerful, flexible and easy-to-use web-based litigation support platform for document review and management. The addition of Relativity to RenewData's suite of e-discovery and archiving solutions will provide RenewData clients with an additional review solution choice to meet their specific requirements.

Relativity features a powerful and unique set of concept search and categorization tools, which will enable legal teams to quickly and easily find relevant documents and validate review decisions for production. It delivers maximum flexibility through a customizable workflow component, which can establish processes and rules to fully manage the review process from initial relevancy to review and production. The secure, online interface can be proficiently used with minimal training and provides an environment for clients, counsel, contract attorneys, experts, and vendors to work collaboratively in one data and document management solution. The Relativity platform supports native review, native imaging and TIFF images, being equally adept at both native-based and image-based review.

"Law firms, corporations and government agencies of all sizes look to us for their e-discovery needs – from collection to production," said Rich Cohen, Executive Vice President of Legal Services at RenewData. "With the addition of the Relativity platform, we are able to offer our clients a variety of solutions to meet their needs. Relativity meets the power, scalability, and foreign language support requirements of large multi-national firms and enterprises, while still offering the flexibility and ease-of-use required by small and medium sized organizations. The addition of Relativity to our information governance platform will also enable our clients to lower their risk and costs further as they can come to one service provider to meet all their information governance needs."

"RenewData is well known in the industry for their technology, speed and scalability. Adding Relativity to their solution set will further enhance RenewData's e-discovery service offering while introducing new time and cost efficiencies to their process," said Andrew Sieja, CEO of kCura. "RenewData's team of knowledgeable e-discovery experts and state-of-the-art, highly secure processing facility combined with Relativity's powerful solution platform, unique analytic capabilities and ease-of-use provides an unbeatable solution that can easily meet the search and review requirements of any organization."

RenewData is planning to integrate Relativity directly into their technology platform, which will allow clients to access documents sooner in the overall review process. RenewData provides its law firm, corporate and government agency clients with a full range of e-discovery services from planning through production, as well as data migration, ESI risk management, and archiving services. Plus, RenewData's legal and IT expertise, defensible chain-of-custody, and highly secure facility help ensure the client's data is handled in a legally defensible manner. Since the Relativity platform is hosted at RenewData, client's critical evidence never needs to leave the facility.

RenewData Marketing Leadership and Forensic Services Team Transitions Poise Company to Take Advantage of Market Growth

Austin, Texas, April 17, 2009 — RenewData, a leading provider of services for the discovery, archiving, and governance of electronically stored information (ESI), today announced it has appointed Rich Cohen to lead the company’s marketing efforts and has promoted Brian Brown and Danny Aga to lead the company’s forensic services. These transitions are an integral part of the company’s continued focus to deliver optimal client satisfaction and the services necessary to establish a more proactive approach to litigation readiness and information governance.

Rich Cohen, currently Executive Vice President of Legal Services, will continue to lead RenewData's external activities and client services functions, as well as the marketing efforts including press and analyst relations, product marketing, and corporate marketing functions. Bringing the marketing function within Cohen’s team will enable streamlined efforts and ensure the appropriate e-discovery, ESI risk management, archiving, and information governance services and strategies are met for every client. Cohen joined RenewData in May 2008 and previously served as the Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Legal Services at a large legal services organization where he was actively involved in the administration of complex litigation and large bankruptcies. In addition, he has been the COO of Integrex Professional Claims Services, and General Counsel at Ohio Power and Columbus Southern Power Companies. Cohen is also active in various industry organizations including the American Corporate Counsel Association, American Bar Association, and the American Bankruptcy Institute.

“Our marketing team is very well positioned to deliver exceptional field level support while also remaining focused on the longer term initiative with information governance," said Steven Horan, CEO for RenewData. “I am confident that our current and future client technology and delivery capabilities are rooted in client and market needs, while Rich’s experience and knowledge will further enable us to continue enhancing and providing the most cost effective client solutions with the highest standard of quality.”

As Senior Client Advisors, Brown and Aga actively manage and conduct RenewData’s forensic acquisitions and investigations. Both Brown and Aga will be performing forensic imaging and analysis for numerous, high profile RenewData clients.

“RenewData’s forensic services are a core capability and integral part of our strategy,” said Horan. “Our clients are increasingly relying upon us to conduct their most sensitive forensic tasks. The forensic experience and knowledge that Brian and Danny possess are critical to the growth and continuation of these service offerings and I’m proud to have them running these services for RenewData. Having them on our team gives us a great competitive advantage.”

Brown has been with RenewData for nearly five years, previously serving in various capacities including Director of IT and Director of Corporate Security. Brown’s certifications include licensed Private Investigator in the state of Texas, EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM) and Mobile Phone Seizure Certification (MPSC). Prior to RenewData, Brown worked for Complete Data Solutions, Inc, and Dell Computer.

Aga has been with RenewData for nearly five years and was formerly the Special Projects Supervisor in RenewData’s process engineering department. Prior to RenewData, Aga worked as an independent IT consultant, as well as for Dell Computer as a Software QA Analyst. Aga’s certifications and advanced courses include licensed Private Investigator in the state of Texas, Mobile Phone Seizure Certification (MPSC), EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), EnCase Advanced Internet Examinations, EnCase NT File System and Artifacts, and EnCase Intermediate Analysis and Reporting.